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Das Ausbreiten der Flügel

Helen Yeomans (GB) : Singing for peace


Helen Yeomans is one of the favourite Community-Choir-Techers and Componists in Great Britain. We are proud, to welcome her in our house in Drethem.
Helen instructs people in workshops for over 15 years in many countries.
Her music is teached all around the world. She leads her own choir and has won a very great international award in the UK Songwriting Contest.
She also has established the Initiative Thula Mama, a singing circle for mothers and her children in England.
In Drethem she will teach us a coloured mix of her lovely songs.
They are composed for several voices and sometimes joined with mantras.
You can feel her enthusiasm and lightness deep in your body and soul if you sing with her. We like to share with you this wonderful experience!

Friday 18-21 h     15 */ 25 €
Saturday 10-18 h  65 */ 85 €
Sunday  10-13 h  35 */ 45 €
Fr-So                       133 €
You can sleep in our Seminar guest house:
ab 20 € / night  in Double or triple room
ab 35 € / night in single room
Bring your own bedcloses or pay for it €6,00.
Contact and registration: Volker Grieß Tel: 05862 / 9411374
With Joy,
Mia und Volker

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